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Prince Bishop

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“Do you like epic swirling anthemic indie combined with progressive and intelligent arrangements? Then you need ‘Come Alive’ and Prince Bishop in your life, now!”Gig Slutz

“Bathed with gorgeous guitar tones filled with delay modulation and reverbs, ‘Come Alive’ rises from the ashes with a euphoric sounding arrangement destined to leave you grinning from ear to ear.”RGM Press

“Prince Bishop show innovation in ‘Come Alive’ as they begin with soft and flowing, crescendo into high-powered tones and end with a heart-warming stillness.”The Other Side

“Evoking the pastoral tones of late ‘70s Rush ballads like “Closer to Heart,” ‘Roman Roads’ uses the warm mysteriousness of its opening chords to draw the listener in on its message about finding the beauty in our surroundings. “Rock at Night

“Channeling such influences as Foo Fighters, The Amazons and even progressive-rock legends Rush, the band have found a sound that takes listeners on a real journey of self discovery. “Gig Slutz

‘Roman Roads’ feels like King Crimson and Supertramp had a baby and are raising it to current standards”Give it a Spin